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Consult With The Nation's First Master Builder

In 2006, Jim Sargent won the EnergyValue Housing Awards’ Builder of the Year. Because of this award, he was invited to the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., at which he was the primary speaker for “Greenovation”. The following video was added to their permanent exhibit.

During your consultation, We Discuss the Following:

We Know Green

We have an extensive knowledge of the green home ownership experience. In our consultation, we will share our expertise in green living to add more depth to your home building process.

Style Matters

BonnerSargent Green Homes' experience has afforded us the opportunity to become well versed in home style. We will use that expertise to formulate the perfect combination of style and function to suit your preferences from the beginning of the construction until completion.

Time Is A Factor

Our initial strategy is built around how long a project is set to take. Once we have an established timeframe, we construct homes with the ability to meet milestones in mind.

Costs Are Managed

We make sure to manage costs in a prioritized fashion. Our goal in the construction process will be to make the most effective use of the budget to ensure that your Green home is built to the highest standards of quality possible.