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Jim Sargent

Green Consultant

Jim Sargent, often referred to as the ‘Godfather of Green’, is a graduate of Texas A & M University and was awarded the first Master Builder designation by The Energy & Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) for his contribution to energy-efficient building. Since 1975, Jim, as EnergyValue Housing Association put it, “has demonstrated a tireless commitment to learning about energy-efficient home building”. Jim decided a long time ago that energy-efficient construction was the only responsible way to build, and his resolve has certainly paid off. Decades of research, and tracking of his homes’ energy consumption and utilities led Jim to build the award-winning home in Frisco, Texas in 2006 which earned a zero-energy designation, which means the home generates enough power to offset its energy consumption, so although it has attracted much attention and received many awards, it has yet to receive an electricity bill. Jim has also been recognized by the National Association of Home Builders as a Graduate Master Builder, Certified Graduate Builder, and Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Jim’s role as a pioneer in energy-efficient building has made him a renowned speaker, television and radio guest, and featured lecturer at many universities, conventions, and conferences.